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Tackling complexity.  Together.

Hapi brings together innovation strategy, management consulting, systems analysis and disruptive innovation incubation to solve systemic problems. 

Why haven't we solved education, health, infrastructure, employment, security and civic engagement yet?  Because these problems are complex, with many different factors contributing simultaneously to produce the reality we see today.  

Some people try to solve these problems through non-profits, but these solutions tend to be unsustainable drops in the ocean that don't solve underlying causes.  Others try to solve them through shared-vale, conscious capitalism, or social entrepreneurship.  These efforts certainly help create a better quality of life for the stakeholders in their value chains, but they don't necessarily result in raising the average for broader society.

Building innovative solutions that take on the system

Hapi combines innovation strategy and corporate innovation management best practices, management consulting, systems mapping and analysis, and disruptive innovation incubation to build solutions that will hopefully have systemic effects.  

Bringing together strategies and efforts between governments, non-profits, businesses, HAPI helps map the problems, identify systemic leverage points, and structure projects that could move the needle.

The approach

Hapi works with non-profits, government agencies, chambers and large companies to help them define their long-term strategic visions.  In many cases, systems mapping is used to identify the systemic context in which the organizations work, and key leverage points are defined that are critical to the success of the organization or critical to solving the systemic problems identified. 


Using world-class innovation management frameworks, Hapi helps the organizations set up the governance, processes and structures needed to build the future they wish create.  In some cases, Hapi uses disruptive innovation methodologies to incubate and roll-out projects that can really move the needle.

Our Services


Developing systems maps for challenges, organizations and companies to help them understand the interconnected dynamics better, and find leverage points to have more impact.


Helping organizations and companies with their strategic alignment and innovation strategies, and helping them identify innovative solutions that they can launch to have more impact. 


Helping organizations and companies execute their innovation projects through systematic innovation execution methodologies, and structuring strategic partnerships that can accelerate execution and impact.


Systems we have been working on

Hapi has spent the past few years working on several systems.  


Hapi has helped several organizations in education to reinvent their long-term strategies. A chapter in a book will soon be published about Digital Transformation in Education in Guatemala, but in the mean time you can navigate our Guatemala's Education Flow Systems Map.

Economic Growth

Hapi has worked with several organizations on their long-term strategies for creating economic growth, including an ambitious initiative by Guatemala's Export Association to increase high value exports.  You can check out our Guatemala's Export Map, if you enter the following password: egexport

Also check out a map we worked on with Chefs, historians and other experts of Guatemala's Gastronomy.


Hapi has helped several organizations in strategies heard towards preventing chronic malnutrition in Guatemala.

Self Employment

Hapi has several flagship initiatives that aim to increase self-employment income among average citizens.  The one we are focusing on the most right now is Yavoy, a platform for people to hire services.

We published a paper on Digital Transformation in Central America and the importance of Self Employment platforms for the region.


Hapi has helped several organizations and multi-stakeholder efforts to build more systemic solutions to challenges in energy, housing and infrastructure.


Maps should be ready for the public soon.

Civic Engagement

Hapi has supported several efforts to increase civic engagement, including helping public servants be more effective, helping citizens engage more in civic responsibilities, and helping political parties be more effective.


Our companies

Hapi has incubated several companies in order to provide its solutions at scale..



self-employment platform in Latin America focused on home repair services, designed to professionalize the technician services industry. 

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An global innovation coaching platform for CEOs and Innovation leaders, designed to help them build their innovation systems with less friction.

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virtual workshop software solution offering strategy and innovation workshops, either do-it-yourself workshops or workshops facilitated by Strategia facilitators.

Our Partners

Hapi relies on several strategic partnerships to achieve its mission. 

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